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Current ANSI/AARST National Standards2023-02-21T12:58:22-07:00

ANSI/AARST national consensus standards are utilized by numerous federal and state agencies, such as the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). A national consensus standard is available for every building type.  Learn more at:

WHO Resources – Handbook on Indoor Radon2023-02-21T13:01:14-07:00

Find the following resources from the World Health Organization (WHO):

Handbook on Indoor Radon, A Public Health Perspective

EPA Resources – Renters Guide to Radon2023-02-21T13:01:47-07:00

Find the following resources from the EPA:

Renters Guide to Radon

EPA Resources – Home Buyers and Sellers Guide to Radon2023-02-21T13:01:24-07:00

Find the following resources from the EPA:

Home Buyers and Sellers Guide to Radon


EPA Resources – Radon in Drinking Water2023-02-21T13:01:32-07:00

Find the following resources from the EPA:

Radon in Drinking Water

EPA Resources – Health Effects of Exposure to Radon2023-02-21T13:00:55-07:00

Find the following resources from the EPA:

Health Effects of Exposure to Radon

EPA Resources – A Citizen’s Guide to Radon2023-02-21T13:00:44-07:00

Find the following resources from the EPA:

A Citizen’s Guide to Radon

Is there low income mitigation assistance?2023-02-21T13:02:12-07:00

Learn more about low income assistance for your radon mitigation to keep every family safe.

Low income mitigation assistance

What should I know about Real Estate and Radon?2023-02-21T13:02:24-07:00

The Colorado Department of Health and Public Safety has great resources on Radon Mitigation and Radon in New Construction:

How do I know if my home has Radon?2022-11-07T17:13:39-07:00

As an odorless and colorless gas, there is no way to tell by looking and you should have your property tested in a closed ventilation test.

Do I have to think about Radon in my business, school, or office?2022-11-09T23:43:00-07:00

Any place with people in an confined indoor space is at risk of Radon exposure in the Southwest due to our unique geography.  Every structure should be tested and, if needed, mitigated no matter how large or small.  Learn more…

Is my home safe from Radon?2022-11-09T23:40:58-07:00

We have put together some useful resources to help you understand the impacts of Radon in the home:

Is My Home Safe? Info from Boulder County 

How do I know if I have high Radon levels?2022-11-09T21:24:25-07:00

Testing is the only way to know if your home has elevated levels of radon, and the EPA recommends tests be done every two years.  Learn More.

How long does it take to mitigate Radon in my home?2022-11-09T23:44:03-07:00

Adaptive Solutions will work with you on scheduling to ensure the process is easy as possible.  We utilize the industry’s latest CRM (Continuous Radon Monitor) offering unmatched sensitivity and accuracy. You’ll get quick results after the test is complete (usually less than 48 hours) detailing hourly readings, average results, and EPA recommendations for action.  Learn more…


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